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12 simple steps to get your new stingray into your aquarium

How to get your new stingray into your aquarium

How to get your new stingray into your aquarium

How to get your new stingray into your aquarium is a question we often get. We recommend following our 12 simple steps to introduce your new stingray into your aquarium.  This advice is offered with good intent and is based on a system that works for us with the hundreds of rays that we have introduced to our aquariums.

1.Your ray will typically be packed in a plastic bag inside a poly box. Once you receive your ray or arrive home don’t delay.

2.There are a few methods that people adopt but we will offer you advice on our preferred method which is to slowly empty the bag with the ray and its water into the poly box (make sure it’s clean).

3.Once the ray is safely in the poly box in its water that it has arrived in you can start a trickle of water into the box from your aquarium. A tip; use a 6mm airline tube and start a syphon. The water will very slowly start to fill up the box.

4.Using a 6mm airline tube the water will be slow enough that the ray should easily be able to become used to your tanks water parameters and conditions.

6mm tube

5.When the box becomes full, empty the water out of the box until a quarter empty and repeat process. As an approximate guideline you want to complete at least 2-3 complete fill and empties of the poly box over a 45 min to 1 hour period.

6.Watch your ray.  Its breathing should be relaxed and slow. If the ray is gasping continue to acclimatise and check your water parameters.

7.Now your ray is ready to enter into your tank.

8.If it is possible to scoop the ray up in a plastic container and lower it into the tank this is the least stressful way for the ray to enter your tank.

9.If this is not possible then using a net slowly allow it to swim into the net. If possible, try to have its head in the belly of the net and the tail out the end to help limit the chance of the barb becoming tangled.

10.Turn the light off and allow your ray to become accustomed to its new home.

11.Your ray will have been starved for its trip so it will be hungry. After about 30 mins try it with a small amount of food.

12.If your ray is entering a tank with other tank mates we advise that you keep a watch to ensure the ray is not being bullied or the other way round too.



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