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How easy is it to keep stingrays?

how to keep freshwater stingrays

How to keep freshwater stingrays?

One of the first questions we get from potential ray keepers is How to keep freshwater stingrays? Or How easy is it to keep stingrays? Despite popular belief freshwater stingrays can be easy to look after providing you have good water and filtration.

Yes, stingrays have a very low tolerance to ammonia, but as long as this is zero and  you have the right size aquarium you should be fine. Also make sure you use a water conditioner to remove chlorine.

Stingrays have a very low tolerance to ammonia.  As long as this is zero and you have the right size aquarium you should be fine

A lot also comes down to the stingray you choose. The cheapest freshwater stingray that some people try is a teacup ray.  They are capture from the wild in Asia which makes them very cheap.

Sadly, they have a very slim chance of surviving in tanks.  They struggle to adjust to tank life and feeding. Often they come with parasites and worms which can lead to their death unless treated. A lot of people get put off keeping stingrays because they buy a ray like this and it doesn’t survive.

We respond to messages daily to this effect trying to help people having problems with these types of stingray.

Which stingray to choose?

If you really want to know how to keep freshwater stingrays take the time to research which ray would be best for you. In terms of tank size, it depends on the breed of stingray and the amount you want to keep. Always remember males stay smaller too. For example one of our 5ft by 2ft aquariums would keep a ray up until about 1.5-2 years old then if it is a bigger breed you may need to upgrade. Staying with a smaller breed like a pearl you would be able to house an adult ray in this.

You could easily have a pair of something like pearls or hybrids in that sort of set up as long as the filtration is good.

Our stingray are all tank bred. They are used to aquarium conditions and are very happy. We have hybrid stingrays that start from £150-£200 and up.

In our experience, our most popular ray that people buy as a first time stingray is a black diamond X motoro hybrid. They look stunning and are pretty resilient too.

If you are an experienced fish keeper, and already know what you are looking for please visit our online shop to see our current stock of stingrays for sale.

Otherwise, if you need advice or help selecting your fish just let us know.  We are always happy to chat to you about what you are looking for.  So if you have any questions please contact us

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