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Freshwater stingray tank mates

Freshwater stingray tank mates

Freshwater stingray tank mates

Freshwater Stingrays are generally not aggressive fish.  There are many freshwater stingray tank mates which generally can live side by side with your rays. However, it is important to note that stingrays are still predatory fish and anything too small may end up inside your ray. As rays spend most of their lives patrolling the bottom mid-water and top-level swimming fish make excellent tank mates and give your aquarium great contrast.

So here are our top tank mates for your freshwater friend

1.Asian Arowana

The Asian Arowana are great companions for your freshwater stingrays.  They are top dwelling fish so they like to swim at the top of the tank, leaving the rays in peace at the bottom.  We often have stock of Asian Arowana and import several times a year.  Contact us if you have your heart set on these magnificent fish

Asian Arowana

2. Tinfoil barbs

The tinfoil barb is an active, peaceful species. It spends most of its time in the mid-level and bottom of the water. A greedy eater, it will eat almost anything provided to it. Yes, even stingray waste which we thought was a great idea.  However, the rule what goes in must come out does apply.

Tin Foil Barbs

3. Gars

Gars have swim bladders that can function as lungs and most gars surface every so often to take a gulp of air.  They are often called living fossils as they have changed very little over millions of years.  They are pretty slow swimmers, unless they are hunting.  Random fact for you to impress your fish keeping friends is that their eggs are highly toxic to humans.

Gars (or garpike)


We would love to hear what your favourite freshwater stingray tank mates

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