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What do freshwater stingrays eat?

What do freshwater stingrays eat

What do freshwater stingrays eat?

So what exactly do what do freshwater stingrays eat? Making sure your fish have a healthy and varied food diet to eat can help make sure they will thrive and have a long life span.

Stingrays and Arowanas have a high metabolic rate.  So you will find that your stingrays in particular, are continuously on the lookout for food.

Many stingray enthusiasts use sinking pellet food for carnivorous fish with good results. We have tried and tested various diets over the years.  Our stingrays love a diet which includes mussels, baby squid, prawns and white bait.  We can’t help but give them what they want.

If you are pellet feeding your rays maybe try and supplement their diet with frozen fish too.  We think you rays will love you for it.

If you would like to find out more about frozen food for your stingrays we would be happy to share our experiences with you – just let us know.



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