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Freshwater stingray care: horrible and honest mistakes to learn from

Freshwater Stingray Care

Water quality is the foundation to successful Freshwater Stingray Care. Every ray keeper knows this, and we all strive to ensure the very best conditions for our prized pets.

We have recently been contacted by two different clients with horrific situations that have been honest mistakes, but the consequences have been catastrophic.

Both these stories are terrible, and we are deeply sorry for the people concerned.  The purpose of this post is to raise awareness for fellow ray keepers and to try and prevent such tragedy for other people.

Story 1

Before starting his 50% routine water change on his tank this ray keeper decided make life a bit easier and buy a standard garden length of hose to stop using buckets to carry water. Happy with his new purchase, he connected the new hose pipe to his water source and started filling his tank.

After a few minutes he noticed all his rays darting around the tank, up the glass and falling backwards toward the bottom. Only having added about 20% freshwater through this new hose. He desperately emptied more water and started filling with the buckets.

But it was too late.  Within 15 minutes four out of his six rays are all dead. Only two survived out of six healthy rays.

The only difference that he did this time around was use a brand-new hose pipe. So, we can only assume that the hose pipe contained a strong chemical of some description that has poisoned the water.

A very harsh lesson to learn from.  Please ensure that you buy any hose pipe from your local fish shop.  Alternatively, please make sure the hose has been thoroughly rinsed before use.

Freshwater Stingray Care

Story 2

Another gent called us with another story about collecting some rays from another hobbyist. Collecting a total of four new rays. Because he only had two poly boxes he bought two black plastic containers to transport the other two rays. The total journey time was only 20 mins back to his house.

Sadly, upon getting back to his two rays in the plastic containers they were both dead and the two in the poly box were alive.

Again, there are possible other factors like stress, ammonia in the tub, lack of oxygen etc, but it does make you think that possibly something in the box contaminated the water?

We hope this post has been helpful.

For more information on Freshwater Stingray Care please read our Freshwater Stingray Guide


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