We can supply freshly frozen fish for your Stingrays and Arowanas to enjoy.  Simply order from our online store for next working day delivery.

We have tried and tested various diets over the years.  We personally believe that a diet which includes mussels, squid, prawns and white bait has helped our fish develop and grow to their full potential.

Pellet food can always be used in your feeding cycle. However, we would still recommend that you alternate pellet food with freshly frozen fish too.

Your food will come packed with a freezer ice pack and is available for next day delivery


 Fish  Weight  Price

White Bait
450g £6.00

Cooked Chilean Mussels (no shell)
1kg £9.00

Baby Squid
 1kg  £12.00

Cooked Icelandic Prawn (no shell)
 450g  £12.00
prawn shell on
Cooked Prawn   (with shell)


 450g  £10.00

Raw King Prawn (with shell)
 1kg  £15.00


Delivery Costs


 Next Day (up to 2kg)  £8.00
 Next Day (up to 10kg) £22.00 


Multi Buy Packages

Buy 10 bags of white bait | Get 10% off

Buy 10 bags of mussels | Get 10% off