With more than 7 years’ experience shipping stingrays, asian arowanas and odd balls in the UK, Europe and Asia your fish are in great hands.

Personal courier 

Freshwater Stingrays can deliver your fish to you within the UK.  We can acclimatize your ray into your aquarium for you at a time that best suits you. This ensures the fish arrives with you in the shortest time and is monitored the whole duration. Please contact us for pricing and availability

From £200 half day to £400 full day plus fuel calculated on distance from London

Next Day Courier Before 10am

Prices for shipping to the UK £25

International Export

  • You will need a import licence to import into your country, (we will request a copy of this before shipping)
  • Shipping starts at £500 for 1 box and up (please speak to us for exact quote)
  • Invoice is supplied

Packing for Delivery

  • All fish are starved before their trip to ensure water quality does not become poor
  • Each rays barb is capped to ensure the bag is not punctured
  • Each fish is bagged individually and sealed with oxygen for its trip
  • Heat packs are packed around the bag and then sealed in a poly box

Acclimatisation of your Fish

When your new addition has arrived it is vital that you acclimatize it to your water parameters and temperature. This will help reduce the stress to the fish and ensure it makes a smooth transition into your aquarium.

Our Suggestions

Freshwater Stingray Dead Upon Arrival Policy

Our main priority is to the health of our fish. We therefore will ensure to pack your fish in the correct manor to cause the minimum stress to the fish.

In the very rare and sad situation that your fish arrives dead Freshwater Stingrays will replace the fish for you at no cost to you. Our policy states that this applies to the fish being dead within 1 hour of delivery to you. You must supply us with photos and video of the ray upside down and close up of its gills in the video. A water sample must also be supplied to us if requested.

Please note that Freshwater Stingrays cannot be held liable for a fish dying due to poor water quality in your tank. Please check your water conditions before purchasing any of our fish. We will be delighted to help you or even check your water conditions for you (if possible), please call us for assistance with this.